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As we pass by another November 11th and we remember, honour, and reflect on those who have sacrificed to give us the freedom we so enjoy, it also poses a question for business owners and operators of all sizes. As a business, can you run a promotion while respecting the day?
This can be a difficult question for many, from the largest corporation down to the smallest café. There is an opportunity to build your business through an effective promotion on Veterans Day & Remembrance Day but crafting and executing that plan is where it gets tricky.
The same process you use when crafting any promotion, building menus, or working on your team culture comes into play. Take a moment and consider your audience, will they feel included, is it a compelling offer, and how will it be received.
In this case, the latter of those questions is where it can become tricky. Given the significance of the day, the meaning, and the intention, you need to be sure that you are respecting and honouring the overarching purpose of the day. Unlike Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and others, there is a greater meaning behind this day.
To avoid offending those who the day is intended to respect, ask yourself;
  • Is the offer inclusive of those the day is honouring?
  • In the eyes of guests and customers, will this be perceived as a gimmick to capitalize on the sentiment of the day?
  • What do I hope to capture from this?
The worst thing you can do it create a promotion, offer, event, or campaign that can be perceived as offensive or using the day as an opportunity to make money. Be genuine in your offer and ensure it intended to pay respect to the reason for the day. Make sure there is actual value if it is an offer targeted at veterans, give them free breakfast, not 10% off. Give them free coffee, not a discount. Keep the rules to a minimum and believe people will not take advantage. Some will, but who cares? Don’t make it difficult for those you are trying to pay respect to with the offer.
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