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Customer Appreciation Day is one of the oldest promotions around but it has run it’s course and probably doing more harm than good to your business. They may have had a place decades ago, but today where the competition for guests is stronger than ever, operators need to be of the mindset that every day is customer appreciation day.

A promotion that was once filled with gimmicks and giveaways to lure guests in to get a one-day bump in sales no longer holds the same value. Guests are expecting quality service, memorable experiences, and companies to go above and beyond on every visit. They have more options than ever and are more discerning than ever, showing appreciation one day a year isn’t going to cut it.

There is still a way to show your more valuable guests that you appreciate them, from comping a round of drinks to inviting them to private events, staff functions, the options are limitless. Through showing your everyday guests the best you can be, it makes your higher value guests appreciate the small gestures you afford them more than any gimmick or giveaway that is available to everyone and ultimately strengthens the bond between your brand and the guest.

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