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“I saw

that my life

was a vast glowing empty page

and I could do anything

I wanted.”

- Jack Kerouac

The Experiment

A quest to discover and unravel the double helix of hospitality. An epicurean adventure, studying a global menu of approaches to the industry, connecting with an eclectic spectrum of players sharing their unvarnished, real-life insights, and dishing out a street-savvy education.

A somewhat indulgent, often messy, but always down-to-earth, firsthand exploration of what truly defines and expresses the spirit of hospitality. So, mix up a cocktail, and join in the experiment. It might not be overly scholastic, but it won’t be boring.

About Me

Right out of the gates, I was hooked! I knew at an early age that I was destined to be a hospitality ‘Lifer’.

While my friends had aspirations of being firemen, doctors, or cowboys (I tried the rodeo thing but that is a whole other chapter in a completely different book), I wanted to be the star in a beer commercial.

A few decades later, here I am living out a Walter Mitty existence – Consultant, Coach, Adventurer, and Wanderluster.

Team Talbot

When your little brother is your business partner, co-worker, late-night therapist, and the ultimate wingman! My favorite go-to badass when it comes to noodling menu creations, talking shop, commandeering kitchens, and crushing the occasional box of gas station cabernet.

Follow Along


A raw and unfiltered Smörgåsbord of ideas, insights, and table talk.


Destination everywhere. Dispatches from the highways and airways around the globe.


Saddle up for an unconventional socialpop up hosted by culinary sibling rivals, Jarett and Travis Talbot. A good old-fashioned barn burner of an experience.


Misadventurer by night, Consultant and Coach by day. I have to fund this gong show somehow.

ApexFox Performance Coaching

Hospitality Arts Group

Eco-Intelligence Advisors

ApexFox Performance Coaching helps aspiring entrepreneurs, leadership teams, and C-suite executives reach their full potential and advance their professional goals.

Hospitality Arts Group is a team of respected consultants and designers with over 30 years of experience in the resortand entertainment industries. We specialize in creating high-profile and high-performing venues.

Echo Peak is a team of eco-intelligence experts and educators helping resorts elevate their social responsibility, stewardship, and green initiatives. We support clients in making significant impacts and becoming industry leaders in innovation.

Change Hospitality Network

Stevie Alchemy

DJ Laredo Collaboration

We are a global team of F&B innovators who support operators in evolving their branding, crafting menu strategies, and identifying opportunities for growth and improved efficiencies.

Experience adventure, wellness, and innovation with Stevie Alchemy. Our planet-sensible products are designed for an active outdoor lifestyle, and our wellness café/social space offers a place to connect and nourish the body and spirit.

DJ Laredo and Chef Talbot are two of the top creative forces in the hospitality industry, specializing in delivering unparalleled “Eatertainment” experiences through the intelligent combination of strategies that merge food, drink, and ambiance.

When the going get weird

the weird turn pro.

- Hunter S. Thompson

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or Email Jessica at [email protected]

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