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In the hospitality industry, we have seen restaurants, bars, and brands use retro concepts, themes, and advertising throughout the years, but we are seeing a surge in brands across various industries dipping into the past to sell their product in the present.

Leggo My Eggo

Stranger Things – set in the 1980’s

Product marketing, movie and TV reboots and series, cultural nostalgia is fashionable right now. When it is done well it can take the audience back to re-experience their own fond memories and create an authentic connection to the brand, movie, tv show, or product.

A great example came from Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps who teamed with Vaynermedia to recreate the 1992 hit song Rump Shaker from Wreckx-N-Effect. Most haven’t heard that name for decades, but as soon they see and hear the classic sax intro, they are instantly engaged, curious, and committed to watching the whole video. In a day and age where everyone is fighting for attention, this campaign captures it instantly

Rumple Minze went all-in on this project and we loved it for several reasons;

  • They chose a song that connected their product and audience
  • Minor lyric variations to include references to their product, but not over-the-top
  • Production is current but evocative of the era the original video debuted
  • The product placement is subtle and fitting

Nostalgia is trending right now but before you jump in, be sure it is right for what you are offering, and like everything else you do, intentional, relevant, and appropriate for your audience.

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