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How often do you answer your business phone?

I bet the answer is every time it rings, or at least that is the goal.

Here’s another question; how often do you check your business’ social messages?

For most the answer will be, once a day, or when they can. In today’s digital culture, ignoring those messages is just like ignoring your phone. Any message you get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn is from a potential client or guest, and it’s the best kind, one that reached out to you!

Being responsive is the easy part but putting a strategy in place so you can be quick, accurate, and consistent is a bigger animal. Don’t just hand your host the keys to your social, develop that strategy first, either in-house or work with a consultant to define the basics;

  • How often you check messages
  • Desired response time
  • Response matrix (basic responses related to the type of message)
  • Escalation plan – when should the response be escalated to a higher level
  • Communication training – this can be basic but will go a long way for those responding both online and, on the phone,, and a skill that they will use as they move up

A small investment of time will make your clients/guests feel that you care, that you are attentive, and genuinely give them a good feeling about your company.

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