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Close your eyes and imagine you’re visiting a new city, well, don’t really do that since you’re reading this, but let’s imagine you’re visiting a new city. You want to go out to eat, where do you turn to?

In the past, you would ask the hotel concierge or front desk.  Maybe you had heard about a place from friends. As the internet age took hold you had new options, Yelp, TripAdvisor, then social media, from your friends to influencers.  All of those options are still there, still valuable, but a new leader is pulling ahead in the market, Google Maps.

The guest journey is starting and ending in one spot more often.  Your Google Maps listing is home to photos, reviews, directions, contact information, website links; it’s a one-stop listing for users.  They can find the information they need and with one click they are getting turn-by-turn directions, transit info, walking directions, or even one click to order an Uber.

More often than not restaurants and bars are neglecting their Google Map listings, they claim the listing and simply leave it. A small investment of time will help set you apart from your competitors, stand out to potential guests, and net new guests.

Tips to improve your listing

  • Ensure your information is accurate and up to date – this includes your phone number, address, name, URL and more.
  • Upload high-quality photos – This is your opportunity to showcase professional photos of your offerings, your room, your staff.
  • Include a direct link to your menu – guests are always searching out menus, it is vital you keep this link up to date with your most current menu.
  • Create posts – By creating posts, you can place your timely text, video, or photo content in front of customers when they find your business listing on Google.
  • Encourage your guests to leave reviews
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