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Are you connected?

As a business owner, general manager, shift manager, whatever it may be, are you connected with your team in a constructive manner or is it taking over your day??

Our team uses a couple of tools to stay connected, internally we use Slack, externally we use email, or if we are embedded with a client, we use Slack. Recently we worked with a client who has a relatively small business, small, incredibly loyal, employee roster. That loyal roster is the root of the communication problem we uncovered, which in turn was dragging the business down.

One day we were sitting with our client and we noticed his attention was constantly drawn away by his phone. He had staff texting, emailing, calling, almost every 5 minutes. He had put “rules of engagement” in place, but he suffered from a very familiar staff, so the people who had been there for years didn’t understand why they should go through a manager when they had such a close relationship with the owner. The time that was being spent on answering all the communication took away from building the business, creating the future for the very people sucking up that time!

Our advice for any team, back of house, front of house, or any department is to create a clear communication protocol.  Define the tools, educate the team on how to use them, when to use them, and why to use them. If your team has been together for years, or decades, explain why you need to put the protocols in place, it’s not personal (even though it really is, when they’re messaging and calling during your personal time), and not following communication channels is really hurting the business.

Take back your time, use tools that notify you when you need them to, pass the decisions to your managers, and educate your teams on the process. Once you do this, you’ll have a better personal life and way better professional life.

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