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\ ˈthaŋk-ˌyü  \

Definition of thank-you

: a polite expression of one’s gratitude



I’ve really started to notice when someone says thank you lately.  This simple gesture really stands out for me now. Could it be that I’m maturing, and gratitude is a higher priority on my list? It could be, but in reality, I think expressing gratitude is becoming a lost art in all aspects of life, however, for the purpose of this post, I’m speaking about the hospitality and retail industries.


As an owner, operator, manager, of a restaurant, a hotel, a clothing store, a gas station, basically anywhere a transaction takes place, you are reliant upon your guests choosing to part ways with their hard-earned money at your place of business. The money they are choosing to spend with you is becoming harder to come by.


That may be the primary reason I’ve been noticing this more often; my own money is having to go further as costs rise for everything. I get it when a minimum wage front-line employee is just trying to get through the day at a mundane job, and I buy gas isn’t really a highlight for that person. Whether or not that employee says thank you as I hand over my cash to pay for gas, subconsciously, has an impact on if I choose to go back to that gas station, or how soon I choose to go back to that restaurant. The financial transaction is really the last interaction you have with the business and will really have a disproportionate impact on your overall feeling for the business.


Having said that, it’s important as a business owner, manager, leader, to cultivate a culture of gratitude and it has to start at the top, it will trickle down to the front line and become natural. How your guests are treated and how they feel will be what the remember more than flowers, what the server was wearing, or the lighting.


Thank you

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